Cuck won’t clean up

Gina Valentina was getting ready to be fucked by her buff black side piece until her stupid husband came home and interrupted. Gina decided it was time to tell him what was going on. He didn’t really understand what was going on, but all her husband ever wanted was Gina to be happy. The husband decided to sit back and watch this brawny ebony man fuck his wife, all for the sake of a happy marriage. Watching Gina get defiled by his massive mandingo cock was not an easy sight to watch, but seeing Gina moan in pleasure made it all worth it for him. He had never seen her little pussy get fucked so well. Gina’s husband learned a lot from this ordeal, especially how much Gina likes a hot jizz facial compared to him pulling out and busting in the bathroom sink. There is room for improvement 🙂


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