Perfect passion from a teen

Later that weekend, Candys poundzies, stuffzies & stupidly hard bouncies continued on & on by Sean as she was continually fucked senseless plus even more brainlessly ditzy.
Sean (the devious roomie) speaks:
“Sorry but Jeff or erm, I man Candy has her mouth full at the moment so she cant speak but I think more punishments plus humiliations are in order so what should I do to Candy next?”
1) Keep her as a bimbo, continuing to pound her senseless.
2) Send her through the bimbo flattener, flattening, pressing, pancaking & steamrolling her loopily into a paper thin human or cartoon bimbo collectable to taunt & tease.
3) Hentai her 2 dimensionally & make myself some slutty hentai movies or doujins to enjoy.
4) All of the above & then some, eventually knocking her loopy from the multitude of humiliating & embarrasing transformations?


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