Seed Bearer and a cum dumpster

Mary is the most popular teen girl in her neighborhood, and it’s not hard to see why. She’s really friendly, always happy, and she’s so naturally beautiful that she never has to think twice about her appearance. She’s carefree and athletic. The other girls love to be around her, and the boys all want to get her alone. But Mary has never let one of the boys kiss her. She has never even masturbated. She knows that the Mormon church expects her to remain a virgin until she is married. And it’s a good thing, because the Seed Bearer has developed feelings for Mary, and he calls her in to his office to inspect her. He wants to see her pretty face, her nubile body, and to check to see if she is still a virgin. But Mary doesn’t know that. She doesn’t know that her innocent young life is about to change forever. She could never imagine what the Seed Bearer has in store for her. So it’s with a light heart that she changes out of her everyday clothes and puts on the ceremonial temple robe that an older woman gives to her. “Can I have my underwear?” she asks. But the woman makes her go naked under the white dress. Mary feels a little uncomfortable with this, but she does what she is told. She soon figures out why she isn’t allowed to have any underwear on. The Seed Bearer enters the room where she is waiting for him, and she would smile at him but he has a very grim look on his face. Is he mad at her? Without hesitation, he orders her to stand up and take her dress off. The young girl is shocked. The Seed Bearer has always been like a father to her. She couldn’t be more surprised if her own dad walked in and told her to get naked. But she trusts him as much as she fears him, so she stands up and does as she’s told. The Seed Bearer is happy to see that the naked teen’s body is everything he hoped for and more. He tells her to lie on her back on the desk, and she does. The desk is cold, and she can’t help shivering. If he notices, he doesn’t say anything or offer to cover her up. Instead, he runs one of his big hands the whole length of her body. A body that has never been touched like this before. The sensation is overwhelming, and she’s horrified to feel her pussy getting wet. Will he notice? He will, because the next thing he does is spread her legs and put a finger in her pussy. She could never have predicted how good it would feel to get fingered like this, and he pulls his finger out and licks the wetness. He’s so turned on he’d like nothing more than to fuck her here and now. But everything must be done at the right time and in the right place. So he sits down in the chair and tells her to touch herself. It takes her a moment to understand, but once she gets it she drops her hand to her wet pussy and gives him an amazing show.


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