When your sis is a tease

Nadya Nabakova wanted to be a stripper, and her stepbro overheard this outlandish idea. There was no way she was fit to be a stripper, and stepbro was sure of it. Nadya begged to differ. She made a bet that she could give him a boner with just one dance, and sure enough as soon her top was off and stepbro was strattled he was hard as a rock. A few days later Nadya returned from her first day as a stripper and she did not make as much money as she expected. She could have made more, but was scared to give strangers handjobs. Stepbro offered his cock for her to practice and get comfortable. She was not the best at jerking off. She needed work. Nadya was going to have to learn how to fuck her clients, and of course stepbro approached her a few days later as her first fuck. She actually did pretty good job. There was hope for Nadya yet!


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